Meet the waste changers

By CleanHub on April 4, 2023
Meet the waste changers

With CleanHub brands are investing in a clean planet AND better livelihoods for local communities.

Together we support improved dignity and living standards for people working along the waste streams, especially the lowest paid. 

How we create social impact

There are millions of people working as informal waste pickers in this “dirty” sector, which have been marginalized and poorly treated by society for centuries.

In our impact story series The Waste Changers, we shine a light on the real heroes of our mission for a cleaner planet and better lives for communities in the Global South: the humans who work along the waste streams in the countries we operate in.


Meet Geetu in Konad Beach


Meet fisherman Bapak Junaidi in Java


See how we create impact with GotBag in Java

More stories to come, so stay tuned. In the meantime why don't you head over to our social impact page and get full insights on how we create social justice together with our brand partners?

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