Best 15 Plastic-Free Brands to Watch Out For in 2024

By Tamara Davison on July 5, 2024
Best 15 Plastic-Free Brands to Watch Out For in 2024
Tamara Davison
Tamara Davison

Tamara Davison is a journalist who specializes in sustainability and the environment. Reporting from around the world, she's seen firsthand the direct impact waste is having on coastal communities and our oceans. As a diver trained in ecological monitoring, the changes Tamara has seen in marine habitats inspired her to action. She's previously written for The Guardian, The Independent and the Evening Standard. She's also produced environmental documentaries for EuroNews.

Plastic Free July is an international movement that encourages people to ditch single-use plastic for an entire month. 

Created by the Plastic Free Foundation, it is designed to raise consumer awareness and explore alternatives to unsustainable, synthetic materials. 

Brands and manufacturers bear a lot of responsibility for the plastic crisis, but customers can still contribute to a better future through conscious shopping habits.

In previous years, more than 100 million people across 190 countries have participated, giving us hope that the collective goal of curbing our reliance on plastic is within reach. 

At the same time, plastic is everywhere, and it can sometimes feel difficult to know where to look for alternatives. So here’s our guide on the best plastic-free products you can try this month. 


What’s on this page? 

01 | Summary: Best sustainable summer brands
02 | Best plastic-free wellness products
03 | Best plastic-free clothing
04 | Best plastic-free deodorants 
05 | Best plastic-free food brands 
06 | Summary


Summary: Best plastic-free brands



Best for



Skin health 

Tampon Tribe

Plastic-free tampon applicators 


Plastic-free bathing 


MATE the Label 

Sustainable basics 


Ethically sourced materials


Utilizing hemp 



Replanting programs


Aesthetically-pleasing refillables 


Antiperspirant alternative



Healthy snacking

8 Track Food 

Pantry staples 

Two Farmers 

Biodegradable wrappers 



Sustainable cleaning

Who Gives A Crap 

Wiping your bum 

Bee’s Wrap

Food packaging 



Best plastic-free wellness products

Over 44% of plastic produced today is used for packaging products. When it comes to health and wellness, here are some brands trying to change the narrative. 


Best for: skin health 

KOA+ROY is a San Diego-based brand that creates environmentally-friendly body cubes and gua sha products that can benefit skin health and overall wellness. 

With names like the Wellness Cube or Recovery Cube, KOA+ROY’s products contain natural botanicals and essential oils designed to enrich your skin when massaged into painful areas. With up to 28 different uses, the cubes unlock holistic benefits while naturally easing aches, pains, and skin conditions. 

Its products are packed in hemp paper and sealed with biodegradable stickers, meaning they’re a great addition to plastic-free routines in July. According to its latest impact report, the brand has collected 1,320 pounds of plastic destined for our oceans, showcasing its commitment to curbing plastic at all stages of the product lifecycle. 

2. Tampon Tribe

Best for: plastic-free tampon applicators 

Women in the UK produce around 200,000 tonnes of menstrual waste each year. According to researchers, that works out to about 200 kilograms (kg) of tampons, pads, and applicators thrown away by each person within their lifetime. 

While reusable products like the Mooncup are popular, Tampon Tribe offers sustainable alternatives for those who prefer pads and tampons. 

The brand uses sustainable cotton and zero-waste shipping materials like recycled paper to ensure its products are 100% compostable. So far, the brand has saved over 10,405,795 plastic applicators from our seas and landfills. 

Want to find more menstrual brands doing their bit for the environment? Head to our guide on the 7 Best Sustainable Period Products

3. Foamie

Best for: plastic-free bathing

Studies have estimated that the cosmetics industry produces around 120 billion packaging units annually. 

Alarmingly, many products also contain microplastics in their ingredients and packaging, which studies suggest could impact human health. So it should come as no surprise that, in response, a growing anti-packaging movement is taking hold. 

Going beyond the standard solid shampoo bar, Foamie has developed 100% plastic-free bathroom products, including conditioner bars, male care products, pet shampoo, and intimate washes. 

Using a plastic-free ingredient called a Syndet (synthetic detergent), the products are a cleansing and exfoliating alternative to soap. Infused with ingredients like ginseng, mint, and rose oil, each bar is carefully designed and uniquely shaped with a use in mind. 

So far, the brand has saved around 19 million plastic bottles from being thrown away thanks to its plastic-free solution. 


Someone holding a backset picking up and looking at plastic-free sop bars


Best plastic-free clothing 

According to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), around 60% of clothing is made from plastics like polyester, acrylic, and nylon. 

Not only can this be restricting for your skin, but it can also contribute to the shedding of microplastic particles during washes. So why not try some plastic-free clothing brands this July? 

4. MATE the Label

Best for: breathable basics 

Los Angeles-based MATE the Label stocks a wide range of basics and activewear items made from plastic-free, organic, and ethically sourced materials. Stocking crop tops and shorts in various earthy shades, MATE has grown in popularity thanks to its commitment to the planet. 

According to its sustainability pledge, MATE has eliminated plastic from all outfit labels and packaging, and explains that its garments are free from synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, and polyamide. 

Going one step further, MATE also offers a recycling scheme, allowing materials to be reused and turned into new products, supporting a circular economy


Best for: ethically sourced materials 

KOTN works with farmers in Egypt to create simple men’s and women’s garments that are comfortable, breathable, and kind to the planet. It also sells bed linens, towels, and natural candles made with eco-friendly packaging. 

It prioritizes timeless designs, environmentally-friendly dyes, and ethically sourced materials, including Egyptian cotton, linen, and ECOTEC cotton (a brand of recycled cotton yarn). So, it's the perfect brand for this year’s simple summer essentials.

Whether shipped in recycled paper packaging, or wrapped in tote bags for in-store customers, KOTN is committed to reducing plastic wherever possible. 


Best for: Utilizing hemp  

Australian-based AFENDS is turning the fashion world on its head by making people rethink their perspective of hemp. The brand argues that due to outdated propaganda, the real benefits of hemp are only just being discovered. 

Hemp takes less than 90 days to grow, uses less water than other natural materials, and is more durable. As well as prioritizing suitable materials, AFENDS also runs a campaign called ‘Fuck Plastic,’ which aims to raise awareness about the plight of plastic while encouraging shoppers to take steps against it. 

According to the brand, AFENDS has partnered with various anti-plastic organizations, donated thousands of dollars, and educated over 300,000 people about the negative impacts of plastic as part of its commitment to Plastic Free July. 


Best plastic-free deodorants 

The deodorant industry reportedly produces around 15 million pounds of plastic waste annually. This plastic waste mostly comes from packaging and can also be in the chemical makeup of the antiperspirant itself. A growing number of brands are trying to counter this by introducing sustainable alternatives to the market.  


Best for: refreshing scents and replanting programs 

PAPR is one of several toiletries brands that have introduced an alternative to conventional deodorant. Opting for natural ingredients and a mix of refreshing scents, users can feel confident about their underarms while feeling good about their environmental impact. 

As its name suggests, PAPR products are packaged in 99% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper, less than 1% cornstarch, and soy-based inks, making the packaging completely biodegradable. 

Its deodorants are also free from nasties, such as plastic, sulfates, and parabens, which means they're better for your skin and the planet. 

8. Wild  

Best for: aesthetically pleasing refillables 

Wild is one of the fastest-growing sustainable toiletries brands in the UK, and rightly so. The company offers refillable natural deodorant sticks, packed in cool, aesthetic containers for as little as £12 for its starter pack, or £4.80 per refill. 

Wild customers can also mix and match their refillable purchases. This means you can pick the perfect scent, such as peached iced tea or cucumber cooler, to match your mood or order something new if it isn’t quite right. Its refills are also shipped in sustainable bamboo packaging, meaning there isn’t a sliver of plastic in sight. 

Wild has also created a subscription for loyal customers, so you will never have to worry about running out of your favorite sustainable deodorant again. 

9. Biork

Best for: alternative to antiperspirant

Biork is an unscented mineral deodorant made from 100% natural ingredients, including potassium alum. Its packaging, wrapped in a cork container, produces zero waste and has been awarded numerous sustainability labels, including the Cosmos Natural and Flustix No Plastic seal of approval. 

Unlike conventional roll-on antiperspirants, Biork doesn’t stop you from sweating. Instead, the natural salt prevents the growth of bacteria that release odors while you sweat. So, it's a more natural and kinder process for your body. 

All Biork needs to be activated is water, which, once added to the mineral crystal, can be rubbed onto your armpits for long-lasting protection.


Best plastic-free food products

While some may ditch all foods sealed in wrapping for Plastic Free July, the other option is purchasing products that come in biodegradable and sustainable packaging. Here are some of our favorite suggestions.

10. Sun & Swell 

Best for: healthy snacking 

Sun&Swell is a food brand committed to helping snackers feel good inside and out. Leveraging organic, plant-based ingredients and compostable packaging, the company offers a range of snack bars, trail mixes, and dried fruits.

The brand takes pride in its compostable plastic-free packaging made from wood pulp, which biodegrades in 180 days, and its feel-good ingredients. It explained, “We set out to be an example of what business can look like when we put our people and planet above all else.”

For shoppers who may not know how to compost their sustainable packaging, Sun&Swell also offers a return scheme that encourages customers to return the packaging so it's appropriately composted. 

11. 8 Track Foods 

Best for: plastic-free pantry staples 

Around one-third of our planet’s food is wasted each year, affecting natural resources and the health of our soil. Food waste also releases harmful gases into the atmosphere once sent to landfills, so even if it decomposes, it's pretty bad for the environment. 

US-based 8 Track Foods is on a mission to eradicate single-use plastic and eliminate unnecessary food waste. The brand wants shoppers to stock up on high-quality and organic staple items in steel cans, thus eliminating the need for plastic packaging alternatives

Shoppers who buy 8 Track products are also helping the brand deal with post-consumer plastic waste polluting our oceans. By partnering with CleanHub, the brand has recovered more than 4,400 lb of plastic waste so far. 

12. Two Farmers 

Best for: tasty chips and biodegradable wrappers 

According to some experts, the UK throws away over 8 billion packets of chips every year and a lot of these wrappers end up in landfills. Some chips packets are recyclable, but the complexity of their layered materials means they’re not usually accepted in household recycling bins. 

Two Farmers is a chips brand that has developed a 100% compostable, plastic-free packaging alternative. Made from cellulose and sustainably grown eucalyptus trees, the brand focuses on high-quality snacking that’s kinder to the planet than plastic alternatives. 

The hand-cooked chips are perfect for summer picnics, featuring classic flavors like salt and cider vinegar or more creative ones like mushroom and wild garlic. Shoppers can also pick up the brand’s reusable tins, which help keep the chips fresh for future uses. 



Best plastic-free home products 

An average household in the UK throws away around 66 pieces of plastic packaging each week. Often overlooked, plenty of household products can be replaced with plastic-free alternatives. 

13. Airnex

Best for: plastic-free cleaning 

Unfortunately, many household and cleaning products on the market, such as cleaning cloths and sponges, are made from plastic or synthetic fibers. 

Airnex is among a handful of eco-essential brands that want to change that by helping shoppers reduce their reliance on unsustainable materials. 

Airnex offers a range of eco-friendly scrubbers, scourers, cellulose sponges, and trash bags made from 100% plant and recycled fibers, making them fully compostable. Delivered in sustainable cardboard packaging, the brand is committed to reducing waste while funding reforestation projects around the world. 

14. Who Gives A Crap 

Best for: wiping your bum

Who Gives A Crap is a sustainable toilet paper brand that wants to make toilet paper kinder to the planet. Not only does it have a fun name, but it also has a great approach to toilet paper. 

Made with 100% renewable and sustainable bamboo or 100% recycled paper, the rolls are sustainably sourced and biodegradable. Removing the need for plastic wrapping, Who Gives A Crap sells its products in bulk cardboard boxes, and each roll comes with a fancy paper wrap that’s moisture-free and hygienic. 

According to its Impact Report, 50% of proceeds are donated to support access to clean and hygienic toilets around the world. 

15. Bee’s Wrap 

Best for: plastic-free food storage 

Plastic Tupperware and cling film are staples in most homes, often marketed as the easiest ways to store and transport food. However, some studies believe that microplastics can leach from plastic into food items, which humans then consume. 

Alongside traditional glass jars, there’s a growing movement in sustainable food storage and wrapping alternatives, such as Bee’s Wrap. The small US-based business sells a collection of organic cotton wrappers infused with beeswax, plant oil, and tree resin to enhance durability while keeping food fresh.

The best thing is that the wrappers are reusable and completely biodegradable. According to Bee’s Wax, just one pack of its sustainable wrapping can save 1,667 square feet of plastic wrap from being sent to landfills or entering our environment. Going the extra mile, Bee’s Wrap is also a B-corp-certified brand and a partner of 1% for the Planet, an organization that funds global environmental causes. 



There are so many plastic-free options for shoppers to choose from, and this market is constantly growing. 

Most of these products are affordable and good for the planet — so what’s not to love? 

Next time you’re in the supermarket, look beyond the products by considering what materials they are made from. Look out for sustainable labels and support brands that care about reducing plastic. 

Simple and conscious actions like this can help you enjoy a plastic-free July — and beyond.

Want to know which brands are taking action on their plastic footprint? CleanHub’s Brand Directory features all the brands that have partnered with us to help curb our planet’s plastic crisis. 

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